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Comprehensive characterization of customer needs

Creating a presentation is a must for almost any business in any field (business presentation, presentation of infographics, wedding presentation, presentation of products or others). Many times, a presentation serves as a business card, a fact which increases its importance even further.

Originality, intelligent design, innovative content delivery and target-focused attractiveness are some of the tools that produce successful presentations that penetrate the awareness of the target audience of a business. The customer’s world of content takes on a creative form with impressive visual uniqueness and is captured by the best experts of Web3D.

The marketing messages you wish to convey to your clients receive visual representation after a process of focused and thorough characterization. This method, familiar from the world of software and the Internet, enables the creation of the right design constellation through successful branding.
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A few examples

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Experience and understanding of target audience, integration of interactive tools, presentation of target at an accurate level.

אייקון אנימציה
אייקון וידאו
אייקון אינפוגרפיקה
אייקון קול
אייקון פלוס
אייקון אינטראקטיבי
אייקון חץ
אייקון פרזנטציה

What makes a business presentation effective?

אפיון מדויק

Precise characterization

Understanding the message, characterizing the target audience, planning the presentation structure, and more
כלים מתקדמים

Advanced tools

Animation, infographics, 3D, videos and more
מסגרת סיפורית

Story framing

Slides that tell a central story and convey the message clearly

Satisfied customers

Business Presentation: The ideal solution for you

Business card

Who you are, what you are doing and more. Ideal for sending by email.

View business data

Advanced and interactive view of business data

Display products and services

Disclosing the Company’s range of products and services to specific target audiences

Recruiting investors

A required item for meetings with potential investors

Workgroup utilities

Advanced tablet display while talking with customers


An ideal tool for raising funds at mass financing sites

Why us?

Creating business presentations is an expertise that builds up after many years of experience. Whether it is a presentation to investors, potential customers or employees, a high-level business presentation draws on in-depth characterization, creative design and accurate messaging. We transcend proven methodologies and tools from the software world to create presentations for our customers that make smart use of branding and differentiation principles – that make all the difference.
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One roof

Build business presentations using original and unique interactive tools, using solutions from the world of animation and 3D
ניסיון משנת 1997


More than 100 projects in the field of presentations, for all economic, private and institutional sectors in Israel and around the world
מקצועיות וניסיון


Leading design, marketing and strategy experts bring you years of knowledge and experience
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