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מצגת עסקית revive israel, עיצוב

בניית מצגת עסקית לחברת – Revive Israel

פרויקט יד השמונה בירושלים

עיצוב מצגת עסקית והפקת הדמית חוץ לפרויקט יד השמונה, הפרויקט מתוכנן להיבנות בשטח הררי בפרוזדור ירושלים. המבנה הינו מבנה עם כ- 4 מפלסים בשטח

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Why us?

Creating business presentations is an expertise that builds up after many years of experience. Whether it is a presentation to investors, potential customers or employees, a high-level business presentation draws on in-depth characterization, creative design and accurate messaging. We transcend proven methodologies and tools from the software world to create presentations for our customers that make smart use of branding and differentiation principles – that make all the difference.
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One roof

Build business presentations using original and unique interactive tools, using solutions from the world of animation and 3D
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More than 100 projects in the field of presentations, for all economic, private and institutional sectors in Israel and around the world
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Leading design, marketing and strategy experts bring you years of knowledge and experience
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