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A page showing the construction of an image website for the company Kal-Kar – Ein Carmel . The establishment of the site  included detailed characterization with all the company departments and key personnel, including the marketing and manufacturing department. In addition, the characterization included studying the target audience – turning to the field of construction, industry, food and agriculture, and assigning the company’s products to each one. The site includes a product catalog that goes down to 3 levels, a product page that was developed uniquely according to the customer’s request and the information to be provided to the surfer. The project included content entry (using an independent content insertion system for the customer’s ongoing use), search engine optimization. The site is built in 2 languages.

Kal-Kar Ein Carmel is a company that manufactures and sells foam polystyrene products. The company was established in 1967 and since then has grown and expanded its range of products and areas of activity. The plant is equipped with the most advanced machinery used to create shelf products and unique products adapted to customers. Kal-Kar’s sales, engineering, development, production and logistics teams will be happy to meet any demand for supply of the existing product range and development of new dedicated products. Our representatives accompany the customer from the concept or the need stage, through initial packaging planning, model production to ongoing supply. The company is certified ISO9001: 2008 standard.

Web3D is one of the founders of the field of website development in Israel, and it fully integrates every site for the benefit of the customer and for the needs of its surfers, professionally and responsibly. In accordance with the customer’s needs that are characterized at the beginning of the process, the company adapts the site to pre-calculated planning for the search engines for effective promotion. The result: the site’s presence on the web has increased.

The company is involved in setting up websites, developing software, branding and positioning with animation ,  flash , icons , 3D simulations, corporate films and presentations. The company strives for perfect design work, unique and stimulating. While maintaining technological progress and breaking boundaries and a content management system  with a unique and user-friendly menu.  

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